From the world-famous dive sites with their old and glorious shipwrecks, loaded of either freight, legends and history, to the top ten Worldwide listed dive points, we take you diving from the far North destinations -including the incredible wrecks of SS Thistleghorm, the godfathers of all wrecks Ulysses and Dunraven- with a mandatory stop at dawn in Ras Mohammed's Shark Reef (still rated within the first 10 top dive sites of the planet!).

If you're more into walls, fishtank diving and landscapes, we will sail South aiming to Zabargad and Rocky Islands, conjugating beautiful corals, colors and schools of fish. Not satisfied yet? Don't miss the chance to dive the ultimate pelagic fish paradise: Elphinstone & Daedalus Reefs plus Brothers Islands. Hop on a scooter, circumnavigate the Whole reef in search of hammerheads, grey reef sharks, thresher sharks and, in due season, also oceanic White tip sharks and whalesharks! Choose your goal and book your safari.