M/Y Conte Max - Comfort & Wellness

Boat Description

Luxury , Diving & Wellness

When Conte Max was launched, back in 2004, the Maldives did not offer many boats of such comfort and standards as to represent an alternative to the islands resorts also for those who did not engage in diving activities.

With the launch of Conte Max, the concept of a cruise combining the rejuvenating wellbeing of the Maldivian sea and scenery with the wellbeing of an onboard Ayurveda center was born and in terms of Maldives cruises a totally new trend was set. Thanks to its increasingly refined cuisine, the staff that was raised with the boat, and customer service class and attention to detail, Conte Max has become one of the best known and most loved yacht among those who for years have not been able to do without regular visits to the Maldives to discover with us what these islands have to offer, both above and below the sea surface...

9 Cabins - Comfortable

  • 1 cabin (on second deck) with one queen size bed and one single bed
  • 4 triples with one double bed and one single bed
  • 3 Twin bed cabins.
  • 1 Single cabin
  • All cabins feature independently adjustable air conditioning
  • Bathrooms with shower cubicles.
  • No bunk beds.


Outdoor dining area (aft of the first deck) and indoor area which can be used in case of rain.

Meals are served at the table and the menu include dishes from the Italian-international and Maldivian cuisine, mainly prepared with fresh fish, although our chefs are always ready to satisfy any of our guests specific needs. Once a week a buffet of traditional Maldivian dishes is prepared.


The indoor saloon has a bar offering a wide choice of soft drinks and spirits, a TV-DVD-Stereo area furnished with comfortable sofas . All yacht furniture is made of valuable Maldivian wood. Recharging area for cameras 220v electricity.


The communal open-air spaces are on three decks furnished with sun loungers, sun mats and deck chairs. The decks allow guests to enjoy the breathtaking Maldivian scenery, both when sailing and while relaxing when the yacht is moored in the lagoons for the night.


The on-board boutique offers traditional Maldivian souvenirs, gadgets and Luxury Yacht Maldives T-shirts.

Internet & Phone

3G Wi-Fi connection is available for a fee.


Min. 8/9 members plus 1 coach, all either European or Italian mother tongue,  and 2 maldivian dive guides. A masseur is available on board (see SPA section)

Diving Dhoni

Traditional maldivian boat accompanying the Conte Max, equipped with 2 Coltri  MCH13 compressors CATALINA C100(13lt) 227bar alu cylinders DIN/INT fittings and single and twin regulators

Workshop and diving & snorkelling equipment

Diving and snorkeling equipment is available for hire, and should be requested when booking.

Schedule and availability

M/Y Duke of York: Total cabins: 10 - Guests in double:20 - Guests in triple: 24

M/Y Conte Max: Total cabins: 8 - Guests in double:16 - Gguests in triple: 20

Cruising dates 2020
From To Itinerary Departure Arrival Availables Confirmed Optioned Contact
16-08-2020 23-08-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 18 2 0 contact
23-08-2020 30-08-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
30-08-2020 06-09-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
06-09-2020 13-09-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
13-09-2020 19-09-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS - 6 NIGHTS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
19-09-2020 25-09-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS - 6 NIGHTS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
25-09-2020 05-10-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS - 10 NIGHTS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
08-10-2020 21-10-2020 NORTH ATOLLS - 13 NIGHTS MLE MLE 0 20 0 contact
21-10-2020 31-10-2020 MANTA TRUST NORTH ATOLLS (from HANIMAADHOO to MALE') - 10 NIGHTS MLE MLE 14 6 0 contact
01-11-2020 08-11-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 0 20 contact
08-11-2020 15-11-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 0 20 contact
15-11-2020 22-11-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 0 19 contact
22-11-2020 29-11-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 0 20 contact
29-11-2020 06-12-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 21 0 contact
06-12-2020 13-12-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 18 2 0 contact
13-12-2020 20-12-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
20-12-2020 27-12-2020 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 18 0 2 contact
27-12-2020 03-01-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
Cruising dates 2021
From To Itinerary Departure Arrival Availables Confirmed Optioned Contact
03-01-2021 10-01-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 22 0 0 contact
10-01-2021 17-01-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
17-01-2021 24-01-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
24-01-2021 31-01-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
31-01-2021 07-02-2021 THE BEST FIVE / MALE'-LAAMU MLE MLE 0 0 20 contact
07-02-2021 14-02-2021 EXTREME SOUTH / LAAMU-HUVADHOO MLE MLE 5 2 13 contact
14-02-2021 21-02-2021 EXTREME SOUTH / HUVADHOO (FUVAHMULAH) MLE MLE 18 2 0 contact
21-02-2021 28-02-2021 EXTREME SOUTH / HUVADHOO (FUVAHMULAH) MLE MLE 0 0 20 contact
28-02-2021 07-03-2021 EXTREME SOUTH / HUVADHOO (FUVAHMULAH) MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
07-03-2021 14-03-2021 EXTREME SOUTH / HUVADHOO-LAAMU MLE MLE 20 0 1 contact
14-03-2021 21-03-2021 THE BEST FIVE / LAAMU-MALE' MLE MLE 15 5 1 contact
21-03-2021 28-03-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 14 6 0 contact
28-03-2021 04-04-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
04-04-2021 11-04-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 0 20 contact
11-04-2021 18-04-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
18-04-2021 25-04-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
25-04-2021 02-05-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
02-05-2021 09-05-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
09-05-2021 16-05-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
16-05-2021 23-05-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
23-05-2021 30-05-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
30-05-2021 06-06-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 20 0 0 contact
20-09-2021 25-09-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 20 0 contact
27-09-2021 02-10-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 0 0 contact
20-09-2021 26-09-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 20 0 contact
06-06-2021 13-06-2021 CENTRAL ATOLLS MLE MLE 0 0 0 contact

Massage Center

Conte Max does not just offer the comfort of any other yacht; we have developed a concept of cruise which combines the regenerative wellbeing inspired by such a breathtaking location as the Maldives with a rather unique concept of on-board wellness, represented by a small SPA specialised in Ayurveda treatments. A masseur is always on board.

This ancient therapy, dating back over 6,000 years, will purify you from the toxins which are obstructing your energy channels, while natural oil- and herb-based massages will relax both your mind and your body.

The oils are freshly prepared each day with years-old dedication and experience, using herbs and ingredients from the ancient Ayurveda culture and are then applied to all the body for the Marma Point Massage, the best-known treatment. For about one hour the masseur’s hands caress each part of the body rubbing muscles and joints with light pressure of varying intensity. This healing massage invigorates and regenerates the immune system giving a pleasant sensation of strength and energy combined with a state of inner calm.

Our guests will also be able to enjoy treatments against cellulite, pads and face compresses, and treatments against back and joint aches with 100% natural therapies in the completely unusual environment. According to Ayurveda, beauty treatments for the body are extremely important for the general wellness of the whole organism and are considered to be some sort of external cleansing to be carried out following purification.

For this reason the preparations on board are not limited to massage oils and mixes for beauty treatments, but also include purifying infusions of leaves and natural roots mixed according to the therapeutic requirements of those who wish to take advantage of this chance to get rid of the toxins accumulated through a wrong or unsuitable diet. After a few days of total relaxation time slows down and even psychological tensions becomes a memory which will completely disappear when watching the wonderful sunsets while practicing the Pranayama, the yogic breathing technique which allows one to regain balance of energy and relax the mind.

Special Ayurveda week

Throughout the year we offer thematic Cruises dedicated to wellness where a  specialist in Ayurveda, will guide you through the art of simple relaxation with yoga, meditation and individual treatments.

Virtual Tour

Technical Details - M/Y CONTE MAX

Construction year 2004 Dry dock Every year
Lenght 33 mt. Width 10 mt
Draft 3 mt Weigth (tonnes) 140
Speed (knots) 12 Cruising Speed 12 knots
Construction material wood Decks 3

Diving Dhoni - Niumath with cabin for the crew

Lenght 16 mt Captain 1
Width 5,5  mt. Crew 2
Engine Daywoo 120 HP Overall people capacity 22 pax
Toilette Yes Fresh water Yes
Water tube Upon request Diving baskets 24
Water tube for camera Upon request Ladder 1
Safety buoys 1 Life jackets 25
Fire extinguishers 2 Emergency kit 1
Dry dock Every year Oxygen mask 1
Medical oxygen 1 tank DAN Generator kohler 55kw
Compressors Electric    


Captain 1 Dinghy captain 1
Engineer 1 Diving dhoni captain 1
Room boy 1 Diving dhoni crew 2
Waiter & Bar tender 1 Masseur 1
Chef 1   Cruise director 1
Assistant chef 1 Diving instructor 1
Dive master 1    

Techincal Details

Engine Yammar 405 HP Compass 1+ 1 in diving dhoni
Generatos 2 Onan   35 kw each Fuel tank capacity 4500 lt.
Fuel Diesel Compressors Hydraulic system –on dhoni
Desalinator (volume per day)  - Nitrox membrane No
Fresh water tank capacity 6 tons GPS with map 1 + 1 in diving dhoni
Electicity (v) 220V + 110 V   Adapters Yes

Diving Equipment on Board

Tanks 13,6 lt AL reinf. Catalina C100 SINGLE VALVE 1 Tank valves for regulators INT & DIN
Tanks 13,6 lt AL reinf. Catalina C100 DOUBLE VALVE 15 Tank Valve SGL/DBL
Tanks 11 lt AL reinf. Catalina C80 SINGLE VALVE 4 Nitrox FREE yes
Tanks 15 lt Faber 2  
Luxfer 7 lt. 1    

Equipment on Board

BCD Oceanic/Coltri/Mares Variuos Upon Request
Regulator Mares Various Upon Request
Fins Mares/Cressi/Oceanic Close heels/ open heels Upon Request
Masks Mako/Saeko/Cressi Adult/child Upon Request
Wetsuits Cressi/Mares/Coltri 3/5mm short/long Upon Request
Computer Suunto/Uwatech/Mares Vyiper/Aladin One/ M2 Upon Request
Torches Gibielle 3-4 LED Upon Request

Diving Courses - All Padi Certifications*

Free Scuba Try Free
From Discover Scuba Diving up to Rescue Upon request
Divemaster(min. 2 weeks) Upon request
Speciality courses Upon request
*Manual & certific. included

Safety Equipment

Medical oxygen 3 tanks COLTRI 13 lt. (98% O2-200 bar)
Oxygen masks 1 free flow/ 1 upon request
Nautilus Life Line 12 (GPS devices)
Emergency kit 1 (first aid medicines)

Main Area

Dinette Large area with restaurant (5 tables) and couches area with TV
Restaurant 1 inside restaurant
Restaurant 1 open restaurant
First deck Covered area with  couches & chairs
Second deck Covered area  with amaca & 10 sunbeds
Third deck /sun deck Large sundeck
Massage area On the second deck 
Recharge station In the dinette, recharge area for cameras
Bar Dinette
Bar Buffet with coffee/tea and water Hot coffee /tea and water from dispenser complementary

On Board Enteraiments

TV in the dinette Flat screen DVD player Yes
FILMS ENG-ITA Games Cards and various
Music Various W-FI Dinette
Fish ID books Various Tel.n. on board 00960-7786770
Books Multi languages Hard disk with movies Various

Cabins all with A/c & ensuite bathroom*

Double rooms 4 Triple 4 Music No
Safety jackets No Phon Available on board Safe Dinette
Towels Yes Sun towels Yes Cupboard Yes
Shower gel Yes Shampoo No Emergency light No
Film TV No Wi-Fi In the room Reading light Yes
*Cleaned daily-Additional covers and pillows upon request

Safety on Board

Life rafts Tender in fiberglass 6mt Life jackets 38
Safety buoys 4 Radio 1 + 1 in diving dhoni
Emergency plan Yes EPIRB Nautilus Life Line (12)
Emergency kit 1    
Fire Extinguishers 12 Location Kitchen
Engine room
Staff room
While house
Corridor guest rooms
Fire cover 1 in the kitchen Smoke detectors No


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