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In a country with around 1,200 islands to obstruct the horizon, you are spoiled for choice. It’s a visual spectacle that cannot leave you unnoticed, joined from the symphony of the sea in the background: an organ that contains notes played by the ebb and flow of the waves.
Given the multiple aspects of the diving universe in the Maldives, the beautiful colours of coral and fish, it is almost a moral obligation to capture with a camera these wonders of the nature.

The Photography week is an excellent way to learn new photo techniques, to awaken your creative approach and immerse yourself in the art of photography. Appropriate for both those who have just started or who wants to deepen and improve. During the week will be explain the basics of photography in theory and the participants will  put them immediately into practice. The more experiences will deepening on the macro, wide angle and special photos techniques
This week is designed to help you expand your knowledge and gain more experience in underwater photography.

What follows is our intended route, however, the time schedule is flexible to take maximum advantage of photo opportunities.

Program - 7 days

 1° Day - Male Arrival to the Maldives with flights from Europe, and transfer to the boat. The day is dedicated to acclimatization and to the preparation of the diving equipment. Check-dive, dinner around 20.00. After dinner, presentation of the photo course.  

2° Day - Navigating the atolls south of Male

7.30 wake up and breakfast. First dive of the day. Return to the boat,
preparation of the photographic equipment before lunch at about 13.00.
After lunch one hour of theory and then leaving for the second dive where you can practice what you have seen and heard in class theory.After dinner, presentation of Maldives’ images, hint of subjects which we will
photograph during the cruise.

3° al 5°Day - Sailing and diving among the south Male atolls

Wake up and breakfast as the day before and diving. The theory will be made before or just after lunch a second dive in the afternoon. Dinner at 20.00. After dinner there will be a chance to see and criticize the pictures taken during the dives.

6° Day - Sailing and diving among the south Male atolls

Wake up and breakfast as the previous days diving. The theory will cover the postproduction. How to improve our images with the software on the market.
Participants will choose the best images that will be shown after dinner.

7° Day Sailing and diving among the south Male atolls

Wake up and breakfast as the previous days diving. After lunch, rinse of the equipment and visit on land.  

8° Day - Male

After breakfast, last check before leaving the boat and proceed to the airport for boarding.

What to expect?

The Photography week, conducted by the professional photographer Franco Banfi, is studied to improve your photographic basic skills, deepening on the macro, wide angle and special photos techniques. The week on a cruise offers the right mix of theory and practice, with useful feedback from your teacher and from the others participants. I want You to have fun while you learn and make the most of your experience.

Franco Banfi lives in Switzerland, in a small town overlooking Lake Lugano.
Franco began to dive in 1981. At the beginning of his career he’s was diving in the lakes and rivers
close to home. There, thanks to the transparency of the water, he was able to refine his photographic technique.
Later he traveled almost all over the world to search for unusual places and subjects, documenting the with his photographs flora and wildlife from the equator to the poles and the relationship with human and nature.
He has been diving in almost all oceans: Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctic, Arctic, White Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, improving his taste for photography, his love for the nature and the conservation of the ecosystems.
Franco is one of the most respected underwater photographers in the world.
He was World Champion of underwater photography in Cuba in 1992.
He has received numerous prestigious awards and photos and he regularly participates in international competitions such as: BBC Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature's Best, Travel Photographer of the Year, Project Glanzlichter Natur & photos, etc..
In 2010 his series of images of Beluga won the first prize in the category Nature
and two other images have won the first and third prize in the underwater category at the prestigious IPA 2010 (International Photography Awards Competition). He recently won first prize in the competition organized by the prestigious American Oceans Nature's Best and 2 first prize in the Travel photographer of the Year Extreme category.
His works have been presented on the official Canon website: Canon Professional Network Behind the lens. In 2009 he contributed, along with 59 other photographers to the great project Wild
Wonders of Europe to document with their pictures the wild wonders of Europe.
Franco is co-author and photographer of three books about the sea: Papua New Guinea (1996), Papua New Guinea dive guide (1996), Underwater Planet book (2008).
His images have been published in many books, advertisements, postcards, calendars, posters etc ...
He continue to create reportage that increase the respect for nature and the sea and that
celebrate the majestic beauty of the underwater world.
His works have been published in numerous magazines around the world: Airone, Animan, Aqva, BBC Wildlife, Daily Mail, Dive, Diver, Focus, GEO Italy, GEO Germany, GEO Spain, Il Subacqueo, l'Illustré, Mare, Marine Diver, Mirror, Mondo Sommerso, National Geographic Italy & Spain, Nature Best Photography, Nautica, Ocean Realm, Ocean Geographic, Panorama Travel, Plongée, Schweizer Familie, Skipper, Scuba Diving, Sport Diver, Stern, Tauchen, Terra, Terre Sauvage, Unterwasser.

Questions about the cruise?
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Male Office. 00960 777 1837


The archipelago of the Maldives: geography and territory The Maldives are an oblong ring-shaped double-range of large atolls. The archipelago of the Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, mostly just north and slightly south of the Equator, between 7°6’30” latitude north and 0°41’48” latitude south and between 72°32’30” and 73°45’54” longitude east. The Maldives comprise 26 atolls stretching north to south for about 764 km. and east to west for about 128 km. India is about 595 km. away from the archipelago to the north, Sri Lanka about 670 km. to the north-west and the Chagos islands about 550 km. to the south. The atolls comprise a circular coral reef which contains the internal lagoon around and within which the numerous islands of various sizes are clustered. The 26 atolls include a total of 1,190 coral islands covered in vegetation.

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