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Spa – Luxury and wellbeing
The Conte Max does not just offer the comfort of any other yacht; we have developed a concept of cruise which combines the regenerative wellbeing inspired by such a breathtaking location as the Maldives with a rather unique concept of on-board wellbeing, represented by a small SPA specialising in Ayurvedic treatments. A masseur is always on board who is joined by an Italian doctor for special cruises dedicated to Ayurvedic medicine.
The word Ayurveda means life science and has been considered to be a medical practice since time immemorial.
This ancient therapy, dating back over 6,000 years, will purify you from the toxins which are obstructing your energy channels, while natural oil- and herb-based massage will relax both your mind and your body.

The oils are prepared fresh each day with years-old dedication and experience, using herbs and ingredients from the ancient Ayurvedic culture and are then applied to all the body for the Marma Point Massage, the best-known treatment. For about one hour the masseur’s hands caresses each part of the body rubbing muscles and joints with light pressure of varying intensity. This healing massage invigorates and regenerates the immune system giving a pleasurable sensation of strength and energy combined with a state of inner calm.

Our guests will also be able to enjoy treatments against cellulite, compresses and face packs, and treatments against back and joint aches with 100% natural therapies in the totally unusual environment that is a boat in the middle of the sea. According to Ayurveda, beauty treatments for the body are extremely important for the general wellbeing of the whole organism and are considered to be some sort of external cleansing to be carried out following purification.

For this reason the preparations on board are not limited to massage oils and mixes for beauty treatments, but also include purifying infusions of leaves and natural roots mixed according to the therapeutic requirements of those who wish to take advantage of this chance to get rid of the toxins accumulated through a wrong or unsuitable diet. After a few days of total relaxation time slows down and even psychological tensions become a memory which will completely disappear when watching the wonderful sunsets while practising the Pranayama, the yogic breathing technique which allows one to regain balance of energy and relax the mind.

Special Ayurvedic week
Throughout the year we offer thematic Cruises dedicated to wellbeing in the company of specialists in Ayurvedic medicine, who will guide you through the art of simple relaxation through yoga, meditation and individual treatments.

Weekly programme
1) Introductory lesson to the Ayurvedic philosophy. Explanation of the programme.
2) Ayurvedic diet, balancing energy through food.
3) Yoga, energy balancing, meditation and Pranayama.
4) Ayurvedic massage, lymphatic drainage and re-balancing the Chakra. (US$ 80.00)
5) Self-massage techniques.
6) Skin rejuvenation treatments.
7) Special anti-cellulite Ayurvedic treatments.

Ph. +39 0323 505220
F. +39 0323 082027
Male Office. 00960 777 1837


The archipelago of the Maldives: geography and territory The Maldives are an oblong ring-shaped double-range of large atolls. The archipelago of the Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, mostly just north and slightly south of the Equator, between 7°6’30” latitude north and 0°41’48” latitude south and between 72°32’30” and 73°45’54” longitude east. The Maldives comprise 26 atolls stretching north to south for about 764 km. and east to west for about 128 km. India is about 595 km. away from the archipelago to the north, Sri Lanka about 670 km. to the north-west and the Chagos islands about 550 km. to the south. The atolls comprise a circular coral reef which contains the internal lagoon around and within which the numerous islands of various sizes are clustered. The 26 atolls include a total of 1,190 coral islands covered in vegetation.

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