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Dhoni Stella is  the new Maldivian luxury yacht with just two cabin suites for 2-6 passengers, which offer to the lovers of the Maldives a really unique holiday, sailing the archipelago with the family or with a couple of friends. It’s the first liveaboard designed on the model of the legendary Kalhuofummi, the miraculous 'dhoni' of the Maldivian hero, Mohammad Thakurufaanu, which escaped several times from the more equipped boats of the enemy in occasion of the Portuguese invasion of the Maldives on the second part of XVI century. Dhoni Stella is a wonderful combination between classic and modern. The yacht is largely built by using local wood, many details and finishing recall the antique boat with simplicity and elegance.

The yacht counts two large cabin suites, that can accommodate up to 6 guests, both located on the main deck, with air conditioned, private toilet, large windows overlooking the sea, LCD TV, DVD reader, safe and hair drier. Both cabins have an en-suite bathroom with desalinated sea water and shower cubicle.

On board service is particularly professional thanks to the presence of qualified staff and the food on offer is of extremely high quality and it comprises both Italian dishes and Maldivian specialties, seafood and fresh fish. A small sun deck furnished with comfortable sun loungers allows guests to sunbathe during navigation or enjoy an aperitif at sunset.

All equipment on board is powered by an ultra-modern and sophisticated system of batteries which gets recharged during navigation. At night time the boat is therefore completely silent and our gusts’ sleep is not disturbed by noises or vibrations.

Minimum cruise’s duration: 3 nights. The cruise’s itinerary is agreed from day to day by the guests under the supervision of the captain, who will suggest the best course, depending on the guests’ expectations and the meteorological situation at the time.
hours of daily sailings: up to 4 hours a day.

The holiday can therefore be personalized, depending on the activities favored by the passengers: diving, snorkeling, fishing, with night-time stops opposite the most exclusive resorts, the remotest fishermen’s islands or unspoilt deserted islands and sand strips. The boat can also be moored for one or more days in front of an exclusive deserted island. Dhoni Stella can set sail either from the capital Malè or, upon request, from any other remote spot of the archipelago which can be reached by seaplane.
Year of construction 2005 Inverter Yes
Hull Wood Telephone & radio Yes
Length 21 mt Diving Dhoni Upon request
Breadth 7 mt Dhinghi Yes
Engine 210 hp Safe Individual
Speed 13 knots TV-Video/DVD Individual
En-suite cabins 2 (up to 6 pax) Spirits Yes
Electricity 220 volt Air conditioning Individual
Cylinders 13,6 lt. and 11 lt INT-DIN First Aid Yes

Ph. +39 0323 505220
F. +39 0323 082027
Male Office. 00960 777 1837


The archipelago of the Maldives: geography and territory The Maldives are an oblong ring-shaped double-range of large atolls. The archipelago of the Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, mostly just north and slightly south of the Equator, between 7°6’30” latitude north and 0°41’48” latitude south and between 72°32’30” and 73°45’54” longitude east. The Maldives comprise 26 atolls stretching north to south for about 764 km. and east to west for about 128 km. India is about 595 km. away from the archipelago to the north, Sri Lanka about 670 km. to the north-west and the Chagos islands about 550 km. to the south. The atolls comprise a circular coral reef which contains the internal lagoon around and within which the numerous islands of various sizes are clustered. The 26 atolls include a total of 1,190 coral islands covered in vegetation.

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