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Central Atolls
North Ari and Rasdhoo
A one week cruise that will begin and end at Hulule/ Male airport.  Navigation will start westwards, towards the island of Rasfari, which is just perfect for an overnight stay; we will then transit through the atoll of Rasdhoo (whose main island is the chief town of North Ari). Here, you will be given the opportunity to dive in search for hammer sharks.

Navigation will then continue towards North Ari, not far away, trying to sight the devil fishes (manta rays), in some of the most renowned cleaning stations of the Maldivian archipelago. Moreover, there will be many stops in desert islands and in some of the “thila”, that attract divers from all over the world. The last day but one, navigation will continue towards the atoll of South Male, where we will visit Guraidhoo - the most famous fisher’s island of the Maldives - and dive in the wonderful passes of the region, to sight sharks and big pelagic fishes.

A visit to Male on the last day.

Felidhoo and Mulaku
A one week cruise with tours to five different atolls eastwards of the archipelago: North and South Male, Felidhoo, Vattaru, Mulaku. A wonderful cruise that you can decide to make in every period  of the year, thanks to the many diving points that offer the best sights of grey sharks, white fin sharks or devil fishes, according to the season. After leaving Hulule we will head southwards, crossing therefore South Male, Felidhoo, Vattaru and touching the northern part of Mulaku.

You will get the opportunity to relax on wonderful beaches and desert islands, while those who are looking for great emotions, will be satisfied by the stops nearby the passes of Alimathà, Fotteyo, Rakeedhoo and Mulaku. On our way back we will visit Guraidhoo with its precious shops of local handicraft and dive at the atoll of South Male.

A visit to Male on the last day.

Malè North-South & Ari- 2 weeks
A two weeks trip with stays on the central atolls - North and South Male, Rasdhoo, Ari - with the opportunity of sighting sharks and devil fishes at the various diving points, while travelling from east to west through the archipelago. Heading towards Rasdhoo and diving in Rasdhoo-Madivaru, in search for hammer sharks.

Navigation will then proceed towards North Ari, and, crossing lengthwise the atoll, we will touch the most beautiful and rich in life thilas of the Maldives, searching for whale sharks. Frequent stays on desert islands, beaches and fisher islands, are one of the reasons for which those, who really know the Maldives, appreciate this cruise. We will head back on the east slope, navigating through South Male, with a stop at Guraidhoo.

A visit to Male on the last day.

South and Ari- 2 weeks
A two weeks trip exploring six different atolls: North and South Male, Felidhoo, Vattaru, Mulaku and South Ari. Arrival and departure from Hulule. Heading straight southwards, navigating under cover the passes eastwards of the atolls: Emboodhoo Kandu, Cocoa, Guraidhoo, Devana Kandu, Fotteyo, Rakeedhoo Corner, Vattaru and Mulaku Kandu.

Crossing the  archipelago from here and heading towards the southern point of Ari, with the exceptional opportunity of sighting whale sharks nearby Maamigili Island. Navigation will then proceed up the atoll, with frequent stays on beautiful beaches and the most popular thilas and , then, heading back westwards towards North Male.

A visit to Male on the last day.


Ph. +39 0323 505220
F. +39 0323 082027
Male Office. 00960 777 1837


The archipelago of the Maldives: geography and territory The Maldives are an oblong ring-shaped double-range of large atolls. The archipelago of the Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, mostly just north and slightly south of the Equator, between 7°6’30” latitude north and 0°41’48” latitude south and between 72°32’30” and 73°45’54” longitude east. The Maldives comprise 26 atolls stretching north to south for about 764 km. and east to west for about 128 km. India is about 595 km. away from the archipelago to the north, Sri Lanka about 670 km. to the north-west and the Chagos islands about 550 km. to the south. The atolls comprise a circular coral reef which contains the internal lagoon around and within which the numerous islands of various sizes are clustered. The 26 atolls include a total of 1,190 coral islands covered in vegetation.

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